Activate a license

Complete the following steps to activate a license.

  1. The first time you use DAX Optimizer, you can see a welcome screen with a few suggestions. Go to step 2 if you do not see this screen. If you have already assigned licenses before, check how to manage Contracts and licenses.

    Click Next end read each tip until the last page.

    Click Activate License to start the activation.

  2. Paste the license redemption code in the Activate License window.

  3. If the code is valid, click Next. If the code is invalid, double-check that you only copied the license code without additional space characters.

    When the license activation is in progress, you can click Done and continue to use the app.

  4. In the notification area of the app, the following message appears once the license activation is completed: the operation can require a few seconds, but you can use the app in the meantime.

Once you have a license active, you can upload the VPAX file of the model to analyze.