Buy a license

NOTE If you do not have an account, create an account before buying a license. You can also create an account in the process of buying a license, but we suggest to follow the same instructions to make sure you create the right type of account.

Go to DAX Optimizer product page on Tabular Tools website, choose the plan you want, and click the Purchase or Subscribe button, then complete the following steps:

1) Login with your account by pressing Use Microsoft Work Account or Sign In, depending on the account type you created before. 2) Control the Product details, making sure you selected the correct quantity, license, and billing period if you chose a subscription. 3) Complete the Billing details, including all the information you want to include in the invoice. - The Company name is optional, but it is required if you want to include it in the invoice. - The Purchase order is optional, but it is included in the invoice if provided. - The Order notes are optional and are sent to the Tabular Tools team. - If you check the Form W-9 option, you will receive a PDF that includes the information required by the IRS for tax purposes. 4) Choose the payment type: - With Credit Card provide the deatisl about the card to use, which can be safely stored for future purchase as an option. - With Wire Transfer the payment will be completed later by sending the money to the bank account provided in the invoice you receive by email. The license will be activated once the payment is received. 5) Check the Terms and Conditions and click Place Order to complete the transaction.

Once you complete the purchase, you receive an email with the redemption code to activate the license.

Confirmation email received after you buy a license

Your next step is to Activate a license.