Read and fix issues found in measures

Click on a measure to fix.

VPAX Measures

Select one issue to identify the code segment involved. Click on the right arrow (1) to view the issue details in the app, or click on the Knowledge Base (2) to read the issue documentation on a separate browser page.

Fix measure

By opening the issue in the app, you see more details about the issue and the measures where the same anti-pattern is detected. Expand the description (>) to see more information on the issue.

Expand description

You can enlarge the description area by moving the separator (1) and show examples (2) of how to fix the issue in a similar code.

Fix issue

Apply the fixes to the model by using your model editor. Once the fix is complete, click fixed (1) to hide the issue from the list. If the issue cannot be removed because it is necessary to use the code as-is for the calculation, click ignored (2) so the same issue will not be reported again in the following versions of the same model.

Show/hide issues

Continue the iteration and track the issues.