Login and user account

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You use the user account to log in to DAX Optimizer.

The login process is possible using two authentication methods:

  • Username & password. You can identify your account by using your username or email. The password you assign for the account is stored and managed by Azure Active Directory B2C.
  • Azure Active Directory. This method is available only if your organization has an Azure Active Directory tenant. Choose this method if you have a Work account so you do not need to remember another password. If you have a Personal account, you can use the Username & password method.

After you create an account, you will always use the same authentication method to log in to DAX Optimizer.

Regardless of the authentication method, the account stores the following information in DAX Optimizer:

  • Name of the user: the name displayed in the user interface.
  • Username: a string that uniquely identifies the user account in DAX Optimizer. This string is used to identify the user when you share a workspace.

The email of the user is not stored in DAX Optimizer. The email is used only for the authentication process, which is not managed directly by DAX Optimizer.