VPAX file

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A VPAX file is a ZIP file with an extension .vpax containing several files used to extract the model metadata and statistics.

The VPAX format is supported by the VertiPaq Analyzer free open-source library, which is documented in the VertiPaq Analyzer documentation

You can produce a VPAX file for a Tabular model by using one of the following tools:

The result produced by a run of DAX Optimizer is stored in additional files stored in the same VPAX file. The VPAX file downloaded from DAX Optimizer after a run also includes the analysis result.

Validation of VPAX files

When you upload a VPAX file to DAX Optimizer, the content of the file is reviewed to validate that the file is compatible and not corrupted.

If the VPAX file has been extracted using an old tool version, the validation could produce a warning suggesting creating the VPAX with a more recent version before proceeding with the optimization.

The validation does not consume any “run” because it does not perform the analysis for the optimization.