Measure fingerprint

A measure fingerprint is a string that uniquely identifies a measure in a Tabular model. The fingerprint is calculated by using the syntax of the measure, ignoring the formatting of the DAX code and all the comments.

Any change to the measure that does not affect the syntax tree of the measure should produce the same fingerprint.

A new version of a model preserves the ignored state of a measure if the fingerprint is the same as the previous version. If the measure has a new fingerprint, then the previously “ignored” state is not considered, and the measure is included in the analysis.

NOTE: The figerprint works also for obfuscated models, but the upload of the obfuscated model must be incremental. If the model is obfuscated regenerating the dictionary from scratch, it is impossible to have the same fingerprint for a given measure, even if the measure is still the same and is not changed.

Last update: Apr 09, 2024