An issue is a potential performance bottleneck detected by DAX Optimizer in the code of a measure.

Issue type

The issue type is the anti-pattern that has been detected. The same measure can have multiple issues of the same type if the same anti-pattern is used in different parts of the measure. Each issue type has a description with one or more examples of other DAX techniques to replace the anti-pattern with more efficient DAX code.

Issue state

Each issue has a state:

  • Open: the issue has been detected by the analysis and it has not been reviewed yet.
  • Fixed: the issue has been reviewed and it has been fixed.
  • Ignored: the issue has been reviewed and it has been ignored.

At the beginning, all the issues are in the Open state. The user can review each issue and decide whether to fix or ignore it. The state of each issue is saved in the corresponding version of the model analysis on the cloud. When the analysis is executed again, the issues that have been ignored are not reported again if the measure has the same fingerprint.

Last update: May 27, 2024
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