Data processing

DAX Optimizer is a cloud service to help you improve the DAX code of your Tabular model. It ingests VPAX files and generates suggestions ready to be implemented.

We follow these simple principles:

  • We value your data: Only you access the data uploaded to your account. You can decide to share data with other accounts you choose and control. Nobody else will have access to your data. We do not inspect your data unless explicitly requested by you in case of a service failure.
  • We do not sell your data: Your data is your data, not ours. Our business model is focused on caring about our customers, and not selling their personal information.
  • We do not move your data: You choose where your data is stored and processed. This way, we can all be compliant with local laws and reduce the latency.
  • We do not train AI algorithms with your data: We do not use your data to train artificial intelligence models. Period.

This is what is important to know. Of course, there are more technical details, if you like.

Data managed

In how the service works we explain that the VPAX file extracts metadata and statistical information from a Tabular model without copying any actual content of the tables.

The VPAX file contains:

  • Table and column names
  • Measure definitions
  • Relationships
  • Statistics about the number of rows in tables and the number of unique values in each column

The VPAX file has no data from the model: this way, DAX Optimizer does not manage sensitive data.

However, we consider the content of the VPAX file as proprietary data that we do not use for any other purposes other than providing suggestions for possible optimizations.

The VPAX format is supported by the VertiPaq Analyzer free open-source library.

You can find more details about the content of the VPAX file in the VertiPaq Analyzer documentation.

Last update: Jun 29, 2024