DAX Optimizer Documentation

DAX Optimizer performs a static analysis of DAX measures in a Power BI or Analysis Services model, producing a prioritized list of potential bottlenecks caused by DAX code and suggesting possible solutions using sample DAX code.

DAX Optimizer prevents performance issues by enabling DAX authors to optimize the code before creating reports. In the case of existing slow reports, the suggestions provided by DAX Optimizer are likely to solve the performance bottlenecks experienced.

DAX Optimizer is designed for both individual model authors and teams of developers who contribute to a shared data model definition.

NOTE: The documentation is not complete yet, and under review - we are modifying the user interface during the beta period and a few screenshots might be slightly different than the current application. The documentation will be updated before the final release. Here is a list of available sections:

  • Introduction: Learn how DAX Optimizer works and compare the different plans available.
  • Getting started: Read how to create an account, activate a license, and start analyzing the first model
  • Reference: Learn more about important concepts and features of DAX Optimizer.
  • Data processing: All the information about how and where your data is stored and processed.
  • Glossary: Descriptions of terms used in DAX Optimizer.
  • Legal: Boring but necessary legal information.
  • How-to guide: Practical step-by-step guides to common operations.